Birds Do It, Bees Do it, Dogs Do It. Why Can't We Do it?

PASCO COUNTY (Bay News 9) — A Florida dog has an unexpected talent that goes beyond rolling over and playing fetch.

John Weber said his golden retriever, Dixie, has a skill that would make even the most ardent environmentalist green with envy.

“When Dixie was a puppy, she started bringing in cans, and she kept treating them like they were valuable,” Weber said. “I would just toss them in the trash, but she kept bringing me cans. For some reason, she likes the cans.”

Dixie, 9, has been picking up cans since she was a puppy. Weber said he never trained her to recycle — she just picked it up on her own.

Weber said Dixie can be a tad overeager when it comes to pursuing her hobby.

“If somebody sets down their drink, she’s likely to collect their can before they’re done with it,” he said.

Dixie has become so popular at Pinellas County-based Anclote Metal Recycling, that owner Eric Hambsch set her picture as his screen saver. Her weekly visits to drop off her collection are always anticipated.

In a given week, Dixie collects up to 75 cans from Weber’s business, where the two go to work together every day, but it was not until Dixie collected 40 pounds of cans that she caught people’s attention.

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