Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!

coffeecup_08811Since both my husband and I are unemployed and at home a lot, we are using our dishwasher more. Plus we are eating practically every meal from home. We used to dine out a lot over the weekends.

Why is unloading the dishwasher such an onerous task?

Both of us drink coffee or hot tea all day long. I noticed that our dishwasher was often filled with dozens of cups over a couple of days. For two people! When I worked, I used my ceramic coffee mug over and over. I washed it out and reused it. I also used it for water. Why can’t I do this at home, I asked? I can. We have started reusing our mugs without running them through the dishwasher after each use.

It is amazing how hard bad habits are to break. We find ourselves reaching into the cabinet for a new mug, when the just rinsed mug is sitting on the countertop by the coffeemaker. We’ll see if our energy-guzzling dishwasher runs less often.

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