How does landfill and litter affect our wildlife?

Posted by Mrs Green
January 30, 2009 65 views No Gravatar

As I’ve said on previous posts; we all have our reasons for attempting to reduce our rubbish. For us, it was a combination of things with wildlife, conservation and the environment playing a very important role in our decision to attempt a zero waste lifestyle.

I had chance this week to have a quick chat with Rosalind Cookson. She is Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Don’t waste wildlife‘ project manager.

I wanted to ask her about litter, the landfill and wildlife, as well as catch up with her particular passion which is composting.

MZW We’re at the end of zero waste week in Gloucestershire; what impact can landfill waste have on our wildlife?

RC Landfill takes up space that could otherwise be a wildlife habitat. It also gives off harmful emissions including methane and produces toxic slime called leachate which harms the environment for all of us.

MZW And what about litter – how can that effect wildlife?

RC Litter can be harmful to wildlife and people.  Broken bottles can injure and also small mammals can get stuck inside bottles, cans and other containers.
Animals and birds can get stuck in plastic bags. Wildlife can also eat litter by mistake which can cause death.

Thanks, Mrs. Green, for posting this interview about how we harm our wildlife. My husband and I are working on zero waste in the United States for our home.

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    Mrs Green said,

    Hi Barbara, how lovely to find your blog and see you writing with such passion about the very important issue is litter.

    Of course now I will have to spend the entire evening catching up with your archives LOL!

    I would love to exchange links with you and write something about your work on my blog sometime. Would that be ok?

    Good luck with your zero waste challenge.

    Mrs G x

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    […] How does landfill and litter affect our wildlife? January 20091 comment 5 […]

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