Chicken Litter Converter at Farm Expo

Local farmers and ones from across the state are getting a closer look at technology that can turn poultry litter into fuel.

The first litter converter in the state was on display Thursday at the Farmers Expo in Fishersville. While it’s still in a research and development stage, one farmer says it promises a lot.

“Well I’ve been hearing rumors about it and I’ve never actually seen it until today, and I’m just curious as to how it works,” says poultry farmer John Shank.

He’s talking about a big machine called “a pyrolysis” that converts chicken litter into fertilizer and heating oil.

“Yeah, well I think the first thing is that people look at it and think it’s an expensive unit. There’s no way it can be bought. There’s no why it will pay for itself,” says Oren Heatwole, who is showing the unit.

However, as farmers stop by, Heatwole gives them a full rundown on the device and farmers like Reid Mackey are taking a closer look

“Very interesting, very interesting. It has potential,” says Mackey.

While it’s not on the market yet, Heatwole hopes to generate interest at the Expo.

This is what we need to do – convert by-products into fuel.

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