Mayor appoints new position to advocate for walking, biking

By: Nate Rau, Mayor Karl Dean has appointed a new position within his administration to oversee policy issues related to walking and bicycling in Nashville, his office announced on Wednesday.

Toks Omishakin will serve as Dean’s new bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. Omishakin moves over from the Planning Department, where he worked in a similar role.

Omishakin’s primary responsibilities will be to ensure that the sidewalks and bikeways master plan is properly implemented and to serve as a liaison between Dean and the newly appointed Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Appointing the new position is the latest in a series of moves by Dean relating to walking and biking in Nashville. Shortly after taking office, he called for an update to Metro’s sidewalks and bikeways plan. The update included creating a new matrix to determine where new sidewalks and bikeways would be located.

Dean also formed last year the Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), which will begin meeting soon in conjunction with Omishakin’s appointment. Omishakin will serve as the liaison between the committee and Dean.

Besides the English Only news in Nashville, this news about making our city walker and cyclist friendly is refreshing. As a walker and cyclist, I often feel like a target on our streets.

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