Dug the Dugong

dug2While I’m waiting for the Inauguration to begin, I’m getting caught up on some emails. Here’s one I want to share from the Gutter Butt Busters:

We intend to take the campaign worldwide.
Baltimore is our first choice – Chesapeake Bay seems to have the same topography as Moreton Bay which suggests a ‘slow-flushing-toilet’ type tidal flow.
Which means cigarette litter washed into the Bay becomes for all intents and purposes – accumulative!
In Melbourne; Port Phillip Bay collects an estimated 350,000 butts a day! 98% of this litter results from storm water drains through the City CBD and surrounding suburbs. On any given day, our famous Bondi Beach is estimated to have over 700,000 butts in the sand.
Baltimore is also the home of Black & Decker who have kindly donated six handheld Dustbuster vacuum cleaners to the cause. As a ‘thank you’ we thought it would be nice to give them a bit of positive ‘environmental’ publicity.

If you’re on the mall today in DC, don’t leave your butts behind. Thanks.


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    Ray Gannon said,

    Smoking Accountability
    A suggestion?!
    1. No access to Medicare treatment for smoking related illnesses unless ‘confirmed’ smokers are registered.
    2. Tobacco products should only be available from licensed premises and sold only to registered smokers.
    Smokers, eligible to purchase tobacco products from a licensed retailer, must be registered and have a Medicare Tobacco User Fund credit account. Every purchase a registered user makes will include an Environment levy together with a Medicare Treatment Surcharge that will be logged to his or her MTUF Credit account.
    Extra cost per pack will be shared equally by the smoker and supplying tobacco company.
    Apart from emergency treatment no smoker will have access to Medicare services without a MTUF Credit ‘card’ which identifies him or her as the account holder. If sufficient funds have not accrued in a registered smoker’s MTUF Credit account (or have been previously used), the cost (or shortfall) of hospital treatment will be the equal responsibility of the user and supplying tobacco company. In such case the supplying tobacco company will be required to meet the full cost of treatment having deposited sufficient funds to meet the Medicare Tobacco User Fund forecasts on inception of the Fund. Any ‘shortfall’ treatment costs owed by the smoker will be recovered by the Medicare Tobacco User Fund either as a lump sum or as garnisheed payments via wages or ATO Medicare levies (or from a deceased smoker’s Estate).
    A limit of 20 cigarettes per day per registered user seems reasonable?
    The extra Medicare Treatment Surcharge + Environment levy will be $2.50 per pack of 20; the smoker and supplying tobacco company to contribute $1.25 each
    Gutter Butt Busters (Australia)

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