New bill will require homebuilders to plant trees

Months of negotiations finally yielded a compromise on a new piece of Metro Council legislation that would require Nashville’s homebuilders to plant a certain number of trees on each open lot.

The bill, pushed by at-large Councilwoman Megan Barry and District 6 Councilman Mike Jameson, would require homebuilders to plant one tree for every 30-linear feet of street front in residential areas. Residential developers would be required to maintain seven trees per acre.

If a homebuilder or developer doesn’t comply with the potential new tree requirement, then Metro may seize their bonds for the project.

This is a needed ordinance in Nashville. Unfortunately many of the trees which have been planted in the past are Bradford pear trees, which split when mature.

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    Ray Gannon said,

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    A limit of 20 cigarettes per day per registered user seems reasonable?
    The extra Medicare Treatment Surcharge + Environment levy will be $2.50 per pack of 20; the smoker and supplying tobacco company to contribute $1.25 each

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