Cutting Down Trees Along the Interstate

For the past year, TDOT has been cutting down trees along the sides of Interstate I-40 from Nashville heading west. Finally, Chris Armour, president of Trees Nashville explained to me why this was happening. Chris said that the trees were causing shadows on the road, which TDOT thought was a traffic hazard.

As I drove to a doctor’s appointment in downtown Nashville on Tuesday morning, I noticed the shadows produced on the interstate roads. Many were caused by utility poles or interstate overpasses. There are rocky cliffs along the road which held trees that were chopped down. These cliffs still cause shadows.

The trees were ground into mulch which was blown onto the sides of the cliffs. This mulch will just wash down in our heavy rains.

My biggest hazard (besides our notoriously dangerous drivers) on Interstate I-40 is the sun, which is often in my eyes going westward in the afternoons. Traffic slows down at the White Bridge Road overpass because of the sun almost every day. The sun always seems to be where my car’s visors do not go. What’s TDOT going to do with the sun?

Plus without the trees, the area is just going to be hotter in the summers. Please bring back the trees. The only benefit I see from cutting down the trees is that plastic bags will not get caught in the limbs any more. Of  course, eliminating plastic bags would help that.


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