Litter Free Inauguration

Attendees at next Tuesday’s Presidential Inauguration will have plenty to worry about: security concerns, massive lines, and of course, getting cornered by Bono as he rambles on about his latest charity. But one threat tops them all:


With more than 2 million people expected in downtown Washington for the event, discarded trash is going to be a major issue. Barack Obama’s campaign events, most notably his victory rally in Chicago’s Grant Park, were marred by massive garbage piles left behind by attendees.

Fortunately, a group of folks inspired by Obama’s call to national service is trying to stop the flood this time. Litter Free Inauguration is calling on Inaugural attendees to bring bags to pick up after themselves and their neighbors while they’re at the festivities. And … you know … maybe for the rest of their lives, too.

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  1. 1

    Anthony said,

    great article and its very true, looking forward t your upcoming posts.

  2. 2

    me said,

    Where’s the follow up article on this? You can bash Bush on his way out. How about the way the Obama team handled this on the way in.

    Who pays for this cleanup?

  3. 4

    Well Seasoned said,

    Wishful thinking, Barbara. They didn’t pick up squat. The President issued his call to service … and it was ignored. His supporters may have elected him but they apparently aren’t willing to inconvenience themselves to support him. Bunch of trailer trash.

    • 5

      His call to service wasn’t totally ignored. My husband and I volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank on Monday along with lots of other folks. I supported Obama and am heeding his call to service, although both my husband and I are unemployed. Please do not call me trailer trash.

  4. 6

    Well Seasoned said,

    Barbara …

    Didn’t call you trialer trash … unless you left a pile of crap on the mall which, from your initial post, I don’t suspect you did. In his inaugural address, President Obama spoke of everyone doing their part – responsibility. Those that left their garbage for others to clean up failed to hear that call … trailer trash … clear?

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