Why I Hate Plastic Products

dscn1287My mother-in-law always brings her au gratin potatoes for holiday dinners at our house. Her cheesy potatoes are a favorite of my husband.

She likes to bring them in a black plastic container that she can cook in, store in and carry in somewhere. I’ve always looked upon this plastic cookware as something just not right. Plastic products too often wind up in landfills and languish there for who knows how long. Plus cooking in plastic just cannot be healthy I suspect.

As the four of us only ate about a third of the potatoes for Christmas dinner, she left the dish to her son for later meals. “Just put a cookie sheet under the plastic dish and blah-blah-blah in the oven. You can cook in it,” she explained.

Okay, the day after Christmas, we removed the dish from the refrigerator. We removed the clear plastic lid as indicated on the product. We placed it on a cookie sheet, blah-blah-blah in our conventional oven. Our mouths watered as we smelled the cheese baking on the potatoes. Leftovers are always better than the original.

As I surfed the internet, the husband removed the dish on the cookie sheet from our oven. “It melted!” he shouted. “Is it safe to eat?” he asked hopefully.

I rushed to the kitchen to see some really appetizing au gratin potatoes sitting atop a melted blob of plastic. “I’m not eating any of it,” I cried. “It’s full of plastic wastes!” as I smelled fumes in my kitchen.

John called his mother and described the hazardous dish to her. “You forgot the aluminum foil on top!” she explained. “Then why use the plastic container to begin with if you have to place it on a cookie sheet and top with aluminum foil?” I asked.

The entire blob (potatoes, melted plastic and a well-used cookie sheet) is heading for the landfill.


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