Environmental New Year’s Resolution #1

Do you, or someone you know, absolutely hate to recycle? Do you find it a hassle? Then reduce the amount of paper you receive in 2009.

Last year, I resolved to stop delivery of the daily newspaper. I was addicted to drinking coffee and reading the newspaper in the morning to jump start my day. I replaced the newspaper with a book, borrowed from the library. Soon, I found that I had less paper to recycle. Although I did not mind taking my papers each week to the recycling drop off center, I appreciated reducing my trips there when I stopped home delivery of the newspaper.

Over the past two years, I’ve stopped most catalogs coming to my mailbox. I receive email alerts from catalogers from whom I purchase regularly. Then I can visit their websites to see the latest offerings.

Lately, I have discovered that associations who send newsletters in the mail have offered me the option to go paperless. Signing up for email newsletters has decreased what I take to the recycling drop off center even more this year.

I also opted out of receiving endless credit card offers in the mail this year. I was receiving at least one or two daily. Now I seldom receive offers for new credit cards. I did not use them anyway. Often plastic fake cards were included in the direct mail pieces.

Instead of recycling more paper in 2009, just reduce the amount of paper in your home. Make it your goal to recycle less but amassing less paper.

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