Invasive Species Takes Over Christmas


Until March of the Penguins captured our hearts in 2005, penguins were seen only in a few zoos and the southern hemisphere. Suddenly penguins became stars of interminable animated films. Penguins invaded the northern hemisphere and multiplied rapidly.

Penguins are another invasive species taking over the environment where they do not belong. Penguins have reproduced unchecked and have replaced reindeer as the animal of choice by Santa. Penguins inhabit every Clark Griswold-inspired decorated house that I have seen this year in my city. In place of Rudolph, posed by Santa Claus is a penguin. It is just not right.

Penguins live in the southern hemisphere; reindeer live in the northern hemisphere. Scientists live at the south pole; Santa Claus lives at the north pole.

Why are there penguins standing by Santa Claus and his sleigh? Penguins cannot fly. Penguins cannot carry Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Only reindeer can do that.

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