Does your toilet have a bladder?

Does your toilet have a bladder? Toluca Boy Scout giving out the water-conserving devices on Saturday


GARY L. SMITH/JOURNAL STAR Toluca Boy Scout Tayler McGillis, 14, shows how a water-conserving device called a toilet bladder is installed in a bathroom in his family’s home outside Toluca. The bladder, which resembles a hot water bottle, is filled with water and then suspended in the tank, reducing the amount of water used on each flush and also any cost associated with water use. He has purchased 500 of the devices with money raised from recycling aluminum, and he’ll give them away from 1-3 p.m. Saturday at the American Legion hall in Toluca.   By GARY L. SMITH of the Journal Star Posted Dec 07, 2008 @ 10:49 PM


For that hard-to-please, environmentally conscious person on your gift list, don’t overlook the option of a toilet tank bladder.

They’ll be a bargain here Saturday, when 500 of the water-conserving devices will be given away by the Toluca teenager whose recycling and other environmental projects have earned him numerous awards as well as the nickname “Tin Can Scout.”

“I wanted to do something for water conservation, and these things looked pretty cool,” said Tayler McGillis, 14.

Four weeks ago, Tayler was at a celebrity-studded banquet in Washington, D.C., to get a Youth Leadership Award from the Jane Goodall Institute, an international environmental organization. It marked his third trip to that city to receive a major accolade.

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    Hudge said,

    Some years ago, we read a tip about putting a couple of bricks or similar water-impervious objects in a toilet to reduce the amount of water used. This is a lot more practical, though you could rig one up using a heavy-duty freezer ziplock bag filled with water.
    The unknown is, will you be satisfied with the flush? Low-flow toilets have been around a long time and mandated in many places. They haven’t pleased a lot of users, who find they need to flush twice. I hear newer ones have improved the thrust…

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