Trash in Dubai

At first, I was shocked when I saw this headline: Over 20,500 Volunteers Pick up 4150 Tons of Litter. I think of Dubai as a paradise, but with its rapid growth, I’m not surprised. I’m glad that there is a Keep Dubai Beautiful effort happening there.


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    C.G. said,

    dubai and paradise!

    ha! I don’t think so.

    paradise is NOT just about large shopping malls and sparkling seas

    With regards to recycling, usually only the expats there are the only segment of the population who even care to recycle. Others could really care less…or, from what some people jokingly say there with a chuckle, “why should I worry about that, when the indian trash worker can separate the trash himself” !!

    dubai, many parts of it, due to not having a “normal” sewage system stinks like hell…especially…imagine during the ridiculously hot months (which is basically all year long…albeit a couple or so months of moderate temps) when there is 100%+ humidity and the air retains the funky smell all day & night long. Add to that, a very small amnt of trees and “naturally growing” greenery present.

    Also, indentured modern day “slaves” and poor, overworked construction workers are typically not part of paradise, hmm, are they??

    The term paradise is soo damn relative, afterall, is it not??

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