A Recycling Solution

Here is a post from WhatTheyThink/Going Green. Companies can recycle stuff through the mail. What a great idea:

Recycle E-Waste – Mail It!

By Gail Nickel-Kailing on November 17th, 2008

Take a good look throughout your operation; I’m sure there are boxes of items that can be recycled tucked away in corners. Batteries, CDs, DVDs, fluorescent tubes, electronics – don’t worry, mail ‘em.

  • Battery Solutions sells boxes that you can fill up with batteries (both rechargeable and non-rechargeable), cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and others. The $24 fee includes a pre-paid FedEx shipping label.
  • GreenDisc recycles CDs, DVDs, video and audio tapes, and their cases. You can also send in most computer related waste-anything from printer cartridges to mice to laptops. It costs $6.95 to process up to 20lbs of waste.
  • Waste Management’s Think Green program sells recycling kits for batteries, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and electronics.  Prices vary depending on item. Fill the box they send you and mail it in.

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    Melissa Blank said,

    Thanks so much for displaying this!! I work at a University that has finally seen the light about going green. Unfortunately, their major motivation is the money savings, so that limits what they are willing to do, but any motivation is fine with me!! I am a very loud member of our ‘go green’ committee and have put a lot of my own money into helping my particular office recycle EVERYTHING! We are very lucky that we have a large recycling bin just next door that accepts plastics 1-7, glass, metal, paper – EVERYTHING!!! and we don’t have to sort it, otherwise it’s usage would be significantly less. I currently have containers from Battery Solutions and GreenDisc in my office and I am trying to convince the University to place them across the entire campus. It is a slow movement, but it’s worth the fight. Thanks to people like you, who take matters into their own hands, we are making progress. Usually I am just a silent reader of your blog, but I really enjoy it and was angered when I read what happened to you at work. I hope that things work out for you in the job market soon.

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    Thanks, Melissa. It’s great that folks like you (who are silent) actually aren’t. Your actions speak louder than anything I put on the blog. Just keep paying it forward.

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