Bag O’ Trash

bagotrash_1197Sunday afternoon, I walked for about an hour. For 15-20 minutes of that hour, I picked up cans and plastic bottles along Newsom Station Road. I also picked up a CD. Here’s my bag of 13 cans and 9 plastic bottles.

Recently I was contacted by the Bucket of Trash movement. Their goal is to pick up one bucket of litter each week. What a great idea if all of us did this! Their idea of picking up buckets of trash is much better than my plastic bag o’ trash.

If you have 15 minutes to spare this week, go out in your neighborhood or outside your office at lunch time, and pick up a bucket, or bag, of trash.

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  1. 1

    Lynn said,

    I am doing the same too…it is good to start in ourselves. thanks

  2. 2

    inthebucket said,

    Thanks Barbara! I listed you as our very first contributor on our blog (hope you don’t mind).

    Lynn, thank you too 🙂


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