And Now for Something Completely Different….

Here’s a guy who has had a Bad Day, actually a few bad months. Sorry, Phil, but you should know better than anyone that the University of Tennessee football coach is subject to the whims of a few big donors. You were there when your former boss Johnny Majors was handed his pink slip after a South Carolina game a few years ago.

Not everyone who gets laid off gets a $6 million payout. Nice. Plus you can probably draw unemployment from the state of Tennessee.

It was a nice ride, especially during the 1998 season, when an act of God caused an Arkansas quarterback, Clint Stoerner, to fumble in the closing minutes of a game to save the Big Orange perfect season topped by a win against Florida State in the Fiesta Bowl for the first BCS national championship.

But like the Tostito chips and the commemorative six pack of Coca-Colas I bought to celebrate the big win, you got stale, too.

Thanks and good luck.

Photo courtesy of…/2008/08/fullmer.jpg


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