Our Wildlife Shouldn’t Be Fed Trash

Here’s a sad story that I hope has a happy ending about a Sea Turtle….Sickened by Litter:


A green sea turtle dubbed Kermit, rescued from the surf in Sandbridge by a swimmer last month, is being treated for obstructions in his throat including a rubber band, a balloon, pieces of plastic and a Spanish language newspaper.

A swimmer found Kermit floating upside down in the water near Sandbrige on September 20. Since then the Virginia Aquarium has been treating the turtle, who was thin, lethargic and dehydrated.

Last week doctors at the Beach Pet Hospital found and removed a number of foreign objects from Kermit’s throat, thought to be trash ingested at sea.

Doctors are monitoring Kermit’s condition.

I wish Kermit a speedy recovery. This is why we shouldn’t throw trash on the ground or in the water.

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    lakelandmom said,

    I’d like to find the litterbugs responsible and cram the same junk down their gullett! Please make sure you update us as to Kermit’s outcome.

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