Trash For Before and After Work

Trash piles offer interesting beverage mixes:

This is del Valle Mango Juice Nectar, a good source of vitamin C. I’m sure it’s a great drink to get going in the mornings. Then, there is the after work refreshment, everyone’s favorite (especially Joe Six-Pack’s):

While I like mango juice (especially mango lassi), I’m a Jane Weekend Wine-Sipper. I take my wine bottles to the recycling center. I’ve never found a wine bottle tossed in a trash site. Not even, boxed wine or those little one-serving wine bottles. Interesting. Wine drinkers don’t litter.


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  1. 1

    Where I come from (Ajax, Ontario, Canada), we have liquor and wine bottle deposits that we get back when we return our bottles…certainly helps keep them out of landfill!!

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    You live in an intelligent country. We did this in the US many years ago.

  3. 3

    Linda said,

    How wonderful it will be when everyone realizes that it doesn’t take much effort to take these cans to a recycle center…or better still, drink more water. This would reduce the cans and get us healthier at the same time.

  4. 4

    lakelandmom said,

    It is interesting, that it doesn’t matter if the person is health-conscious or not, as to whether or not they are litterbugs. You’d think that as a health-conscious individual you would also be environmentally conscious…not so. As with most every human action or feeling or decision…it’s all in the upbringing. My kids will not allow anyone to throw anything out the window of a car…because I taught them better.

    I don’t drink wine or beer, but I think you’re right, I do notice alot of beer cans discarded. Could it be be the difference between glass and aluminum? Could it be that throwing a glass bottle out of a moving vehicle would be way more dangerous and noticeable than cans? I don’t know, but you do pose an interesting subject. Or could it be that beer drinkers in general tend to drink more publicly than wine drinkers? Come to think of it, I don’t usually see tailgaters at a football game with a 12-pack of wine or a keg of wine…that must be it! Beer drinkers are outside with their drink more and wine drinkers are inside with their drink more….well, it sounded good anyway! ; )

  5. 5

    Although most of the bottles I find lying on the ground once contained beer, water, or soft drinks, occasionaly I also find empty wine bottles. Just this month, I found a chardonnay bottle and a shiraz bottle. There was also a cognac bottle, although I guess cognac doesn’t technically count as wine.

    I’m fascinated by the variation in what recyclables are left on the ground by litterbugs, and recently started keeping a log of those I find in the hope of detecting patterns. I had expected to notice trends like fewer water bottles being discarded during cold weather, but the litterbugs have kept surprising me.

  6. 6

    planettrash said,

    I have noticed less plastic in the neighborhood since the children returned to school. But it’ss still being tossed.

    Watch out what you find in the bottles. Sometimes, folks pee in them.

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