Setting the Record Straight on Trash

I have always feared that this would happen to me. I take responsible action, but someone I trust (or hire) to do the right thing, doesn’t. Tonight, I received this letter from real estate agent Tim Kyne, who thought that his trash was being properly handled. The site will be cleaned, and I will remove the blog post. Thanks, Tim.

I wanted to get in touch with you asap. I just saw a blog entry about trash that
you discovered at the Riverwalk building site.

You featured one of my old real estate signs in one of your photos -
I am appalled!

This was a sign used to sell a home in Green Hills, made entirely of wood and
recycled pressboard.Once the home was sold, the builder's workers hauled it
away with the remaining building trash.

I have no idea how it got out to a field in Bellevue.
I am VERY eco-conscious and this disturbs me.

I am contacting the builder to find out how this occurred.
Please let me know where I can find this site and I will remove the debris

Thank you,

the tim kyne real estate group
keller williams realty

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