What In Your Trash Today?

Regular readers of The Earth is not a Trash Can know that Thursdays are trash day in my neighborhood. I run every Thursday morning, and my favorite diversion is to see what people throw into their trash cans.* In Lexington Point, I saw two couches and a potted tree (still alive) put out by the trash cans at three houses.

On my street, I saw these flowers in the trash can of a neighbor last night. This morning I noticed that they were still beautiful and photographed them. Similar flowers, which didn’t look so beautiful, were still growing in the yard.

*I don’t prowl. I’m not a freegan. I just observe what is stacked by the trash cans or what is sprouting from the lids.

Stranger Than Truth. I just overheard Campbell Brown say that there is a fog machine at a Sarah Palin rally in Ohio tonight. She doesn’t need that. I didn’t notice her mustache on the Newsweek cover until Fox News pointed it out this morning. Every woman over 40 has a mustache.


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    Sandra said,

    I think your blog is great – and this photo is fantastic! I have them (Cosmos, I think it’s their name, in English) in my garden also, and I think they look fantastic – this trash can is only underlines their beauty. Bye and greetings from Croatia

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