Meanwhile A Company in the US Increases Plastic Trash

This is a horrible idea from

Stadium Seat Trash Bag, LLC to Revolutionize Stadium Cleanup & Provide Branding Platform for Marketers

Yvonne McGinnis, President of We’re Cleaning, Inc., (WCI) an integrated facilities management company, announces her new patented Stadium Seat Trash Bag

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 6, 2008 — Yvonne McGinnis, President of We’re Cleaning, Inc., (WCI) an integrated facilities management company, announces her new patented Stadium Seat Trash Bag (, which she will present to stadiums in the coming months. Conceptualized over a twelve-year period via We’re Cleaning’s contract servicing of Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears, Stadium Seat Trash Bag, LLC provides a unique opportunity for increased revenue at sports venues across the country, via providing a visible advertising platform for marketers.

The Stadium Seat Trash Bag’s design specifically allows a venue to provide additional disposal space at venues and to increase advertising revenue, as well as to help maintain a clean environment. Patrons of events — primarily sporting — are willing to deposit debris such as peanuts, popcorn, nachos and hot dogs etc., in a provided receptacle, which ultimately speeds the cleaning process. Ms. McGinnis has recognized this during her twenty-three years in the business.

“We are extremely excited about the potential of Stadium Seat Trash Bag,” commented Ms. McGinnis. “We are confident in its ability to not only generate revenue streams for stadium owners, but also for marketers, while at the same time cutting down on the cost, labor time and labor intensity that are needed to clean venues after games and special events.”

Anyone who has been to a game is fully aware of the trash deposited on the floor. The Stadium Seat Trash Bag eliminates that trend. Fans and environmentalists can now enjoy clean surroundings with the product. The Stadium Seat Trash Bag is designed to be attached to the back of chairs and stadium seats and to fit any required specification. It may be ordered in a clear or colored plastic film, and is easily removable, leaving no residue.

Let’s give over 50,000 drunk sports fans plastic bags. Most of those bags will be floating in Lake Michigan after games. Ducks and geese will get tangled in them and drown. We need recycling bins in stadiums. We don’t need more plastic bags to float in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Bad! It’s not even reuseable.


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    A Kostreva said,

    Actually, the blogger who posted the article from PR web isn’t fully informed.

    The stadium seat trash bag is made of recyclable plastic. It has two compartments; one for recyclables (clearly marked) and one for food garbage (also marked). The waste haulers servicing any venue can toss the recyclable portion into separated recyaqbles overall, dump the food waste and add that portion of the bag to recyclables. The bag can also be produced in a bio-degradable film.

    And, I have seen the bag at Northerly Island in test runs; people DO use the bags, it’s a great convenience and food and other junk do not end up on the floor around attendees’ feet. So, the blogger was wrong again; the bags did not end up in Lake Michigan.

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