Nature's "Trash"?

I’ve always like fungus and mushrooms. As a child, I would be frightened by my parents often about them. I was told that they were poisonous. I wouldn’t get near edible mushrooms or fungi for most of my early life.

I photographed this fungus (left) in the mulch under a shrub in our front yard. I’m sure it arose from covered up cat poop. Although we have a litter box for the cats in the garage, they prefer to go in our mulch, or in our neighbors’ mulch, during the warm months.

Here’s a photo of mushrooms that I took in a neighbor’s yard. This yard is too far away from my cats and dog to visit, but I’m sure that some dog poop caused these to spring up after a rain. I just don’t understand why I didn’t get any in our backyard, which is my dog’s toilet.

What do fungus and mushrooms do for us. I found this cool website to explain what they do for us. According to Tom Volk:

Most of these mushroom are good for our yard, degrading waste products and returning them to the soil. Even more important are the mushrooms that are associated with trees as mycorrhizae. Without this mutualistic association most trees would not survive. Killing these fungi would effectively kill your trees.

Nature can take care of its wastes. I only wish men could take care of theirs.


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