Gas Crisis, Day 4 (Monday Evening)

It is starting to get a little frightening. Very few gas stations had operating pumps along West End Avenue from the Centennial Park area to Bellevue. I think I saw one with cars lined up for gas during the bus ride home. The bus was packed. It was SRO when I got on the bus.

Still, folks are driving. The roads are full of cars and those big gas-guzzling SUVs. Go figure. It’s like living in a Third World country, which I’ve never done. In fact, I’ve never even visited a Third World country unless you count Mexico.

It’s a great lesson for us. We need to conserve.


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  1. 1

    Jake Krohn said,

    How popular was Nashville mass transit before the shortage? Does it provide good coverage throughout the city?

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    There is no such thing as Nashville mass transit. I’m on a bus line, but I drive 5-6 miles to the Park and Ride. It’s perfect for going to work, but if I want to take public transportation anywhere but the downtown area, I’m in trouble.

    Nashville is urban sprawl.

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