Nashville Gas Crisis, Day Three

Today, I drove to the Nashville Zoo. After exiting I-440 onto Nolensville Pike, I saw one gas station with fuel. The Citgo had lines at 9 a.m., and longer lines around 1 p.m. after I left the Zoo. No other gas station was open. I lunched with my husband in Hillsboro Village and found no full stations along 21st Avenue South.

Although I still have 7/10 of a full tank, I’ll ride the bus to work tomorrow. More gas is expected to be delivered tomorrow, but I anticipate another run on the stations. I should be fine until next Sunday, when I will need to refuel.

I wrote a little poem (or prayer) about the crisis:

Dear Jesus, please turn some water into oil,

and cool this globe so that we won’t boil.

Will You reveal to me the reason

why the Vols are losing this season?

Actually I know the answer to the question about my dear Alma Mater, the University of Tennessee. And I don’t really care. I’m more concerned about the crisis on Wall Street and my retirement funds that are beginning to reflect the gasoline situation in Nashville.

Because I blogged about the gas crisis, I’ve had more readers this weekend that I’ve had some months. Thanks to you new readers. Please return when I start talking about trash again. This blog is really about litter, but I talk about other environmental issues as global warming and conservation of our natural resources.


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    J said,

    Some friends and I were visiting Nashville over the weekend. GREAT city but watching the gas lines was crazy! My friends wanted to go dancing but the places were only about 1/4 full because people didn’t want to waste their gas going out. Luckily the rental car we had already had a full tank of gas so we were set.

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