Parking Garage Trash

I’ve photographed trash from the seven-level parking garage under the office building where I work many times. Here’s what I found tonight when I left the office. I don’t understand it. Tomorrow morning, one of the building management employees will be cleaning up this mess.


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    Lakelandmom said,

    I don’t understand it either. I do know some people who do this and say “What? I’m keeping the janitor employed, that’s what they get paid for”. This, to me, has GOT to be the worst, most childish attitude to take regarding why a person litters! I would put these items in my purse or in my pocket until I got to a receptacle or better yet, the area in my home where I store re-usable items. That pretzel bag would be perfect for a project I am working on. I think the most effective psa I can recall was from my youth. Do you remember the psa where the indian is crying over the litter on the ground and in the water? Maybe that had some type of impact on me, who knows? Keep up the good work. Somehow. Some way. Maybe we can reach a few people.

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