Neighborhood Trash

This morning, I ran through the Boone Trace, Lexington Point and Riverwalk neighborhoods. In Riverwalk, I picked up a half full Coca-Cola can and a Camelot water bottle off the roadside.

I ran home with one in each hand. I do this a lot when I walk or run through the neighborhoods. And I do this daily.

I poured out the Coca-Cola immediately, but kept the water and poured it on my compost pile. Both the can and plastic bottle have gone into my recycling bin.

Construction workers in Riverwalk leave behind a lot of trash, but these items were nowhere around any construction area. I think residents dropped them. Why do people litter? Especially in their own neighborhood?


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  1. 1

    inthebucket said,

    Well done! If everyone in the world picked up a piece of litter a day imagine how beautiful the world would be.

    In West Seattle, we have started a “bucket of trash a week” movement. So far it’s just the two of us but we hope to get others to join in as well 🙂

    Check us out:

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    And if everyone didn’t throw just one piece of trash on the ground everyday! I love the movement.

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