National Politics

PlanetTrash will stay out of national politics, as I have offended one faithful reader, who has vowed not to return because I criticized Sarah Palin’s hairstyle and compared her to a well-known criminal (this has been removed from The Earth is Not a Trash Can). The reader is right (apparently in more than one way) and I will only criticize a politician’s record or views.

Yesterday, I was really bothered by the choice, and I don’t understand it, as there are other qualified Republican women, such as Condilessa Rice, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Tennessee congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn. All of whom I disagree with politically, but respect.

I was reared by a strong Democratic woman, and I reflect her political views. My sister, also subjected to the same daily dose of the Democratic party, is a Republican. I married a Republican, who changed parties of his own will. My in-laws are still Republicans. I love them all. I think that they still love me.

Litter and abusing our planet is not a political issue. It’s one that both parties need to fight. I know just as many Republicans who fight litter daily in their areas of the world.


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