15-Minutes of Trash

This morning, I decided to clean up some of the roadside litter on Newsom Station Road. The Metro Drug Court is supposed to send out those required to do community service to do this, but I wanted to do my part as a board member of the Beautification Environment Commission.

I recycled a hotel laundry bag (at left) to pick up litter. In less than 15 minutes, I had filled the bag with 12 aluminum cans, 10 plastic bottle, one glass beer bottle, a watch, a kitchen sponge, a beautification work glove, cigarette packages and other fast food and paper litter. I probably cleared less than 1/10 of a mile. I guess that the bag weighed about ten pounds.

Neither could I pick up every piece of litter along the way. Newsom Station Road is still filled with litter.

I don’t do this because I enjoy it. I’d rather be hiking along the greenway or riding my bicycle. I do it because I find litter offensive in my beautiful corner of the world.


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