Trash on Newsom Station Road

This letter was forwarded to me by our councilman tonight. I’m glad to know that others are concerned about the amount of trash in our neighborhood. It makes my ongoing fight worthwhile:

We’re writing to you to share our ongoing concern regarding the garbage situation along McCrory Lane and Newsom Station Rd. Unfortunately, significant amounts of trash continue to accumulate from passing motorists, despite neighborhood and metro cleanup efforts earlier this year. In addition to being an eyesore and environmentally unsound, we’re worried that this appearance sends the wrong idea about the type of area that Bellevue is. We see our community as a safe, clean, family-oriented place to live, and a proliferation of beer cans and other debris along the road is certainly incongruent with this. We’re also concerned about the effect this will have on housing values and sales.

As property tax payers, we wonder if there is a way that the metro public works department could heighten its efforts to keep these roadsides in Bellevue clean. I know that regular maintenance is done, as the roadside grass is periodically mowed, but unfortunately the mowers serve to chop up and spread the garbage that is already there. Perhaps some sort of signage warning about fines for littering could also be placed?

Thank you for your attention, and again we appreciate your care for the keeping our community a great place to live. We’d be happy to help out with any effort to solve this problem.

I’m glad others are noticing the problem in the area. It’s really frustrating. If the litter is picked up, it’s back again within a day or two.


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