Nashville Zoo Increases Recycling Opportunities

At the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere today, I noticed for the first time, new recycling containers and lots more of them around the park. The stations are very attractive. Unfortunately, lots of trash wasn’t making its way to the new cans.

People, trash doesn’t have legs. It can’t throw itself away. I picked up one discarded plastic bottle and put it in the recycling bin. I noticed that the bins were being used, and yes, I saw some trash in one of the recycling bins. Again, I don’t understand why folks can’t keep public places clean. The Zoo, as any other establishment, has to pay someone to clean the grounds. More trash on the grounds means more employees needed to pick up the junk. This results in higher prices. Think!

Nashville’s zoo is developing into one of the best in the country. The top of the recycling and waste containers have the Zoo’s logo:

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