Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

The most pristine place on earth I have found is at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks:

The Earth Is Not a Trash Can at Kasha-Katuwe. I can’t express how lovely and clean this place is. There are no plastic bottles along the trails, nor plastic bags hanging from its majestic rocks. Thanks to the Pueblo de Cochiti, the University of New Mexico and Sandoval County, NM, for maintaining its beauty.

When we entered this sacred place and paid our $5 fee, the native American who met us gave us many rules to follow. At first, I was offended that he thought that we would leave plastic bottles along the trail. After the spiritual journey we spent there in the rocks, I was glad that he was adamant about respecting the land and the animals in the area.

Tonight as I walked around my neighborhood, I picked up 5 plastic bottles that had been left along the sidewalks, roads and playgrounds. While my neighborhood is not a geological wonder as Kasha-Katuwe, it is beautiful with its undeveloped rolling hills surrounding it and lush greenery.

I wish everyone was as stern about the environment as the greeter at the Tent Rocks National Monument.


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