Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

We revisited the site of the storm drain trash yesterday in Albuquerque. The garbage had been removed. I was glad to know that Albuquerque is quick to clean up trash sites. All in all, the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas were very clean. We visited the Tent Rocks National Monument on Friday and didn’t see a single piece of litter on both trails we climbed.

Along Interstate 25 heading south from Santa Fe to Albuquerque, we noticed plastic bags hanging on fences along the various Indian Reservation lands. In Tennessee, the plastic bags hang from trees.

It’s time for all Americans to realize that we live in a beautifully diverse landscape. We need to keep it clean.

When I visit west of the Mississippi, I realize that we took over the land from the native Americans, who were already living here. As a child, I was taught that the Indians were savages. The Indians were uncivilized. If someone with different cultural habits moved into my house uninvited, I would ask them to leave, too, and would use physical force if necessary.

I always leave the West with regret that we destroyed the native American lifestyle. I feel that they were one with the earth and understood better that humans are part of earth. We saw a tee-shirt in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe gift shops. There was a photo of four Indians with guns with the caption, Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism Since 1492.


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