Too Much Plastic Bottle Trash

During my short walk this morning, I picked up 9 plastic bottles in the Boone Trace and Lexington Point subdivisions. Most of the plastic bottles were on the Lexington Point playground. The trash can at the playground was virtually empty.

If you can’t recycle (and there is no reason why we can’t), please put the plastic bottles in a trash can. Plastic bottles left on the streets eventually wash into the storm drains which wash into the rivers which wash into the oceans that push the plastic into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch vortex. (Sorry for repeating this warning on my blog.) No one seems to get the message.


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    It’s so sad to think and observed many of us don’t really understand the importance of our environment. In just a simple way of keeping our place clean or putting our garbage to trash can, they don’t bother to practice it !

  2. 2

    la said,

    See my blog about the great pacific garbage patch and you will realize my daily frustration walkinjg down the beach, maybe its OCD but i live in Laguna Beach VA and i cant enjoy the beach anymore, all i see is plastic and feel compelled to pick it up, every last bit.

    I pick up probaly an average of 15 bottles on a walk, AN AVERAGE. Also i notice clear water bottle caps are everywhere (easily lost), balloons and straws.

    the best is the idiots who leave their starbucks cup with their name written on it. At kleast it gives me a name to aim my frustration out there. glad to find another plastic-hater


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