Trashsite Cleaned Up

Tonight I walked the cell tower access road off Newsom Station Road. Most of the trash, including this mattress, has been removed. Thanks to the Branstetter family or whomever hauled away the trash left by litterers.

Now that the area has been cleared, I hope to keep an eye out for any other litterers. In the Metro Nashville area, these items will be picked up at your home by Metro Public Works. There is no need to dump them on someone else’s property. Just call 862-8750.

I know that the owners of this property did not leave the trash, but they are held responsible for removing it.


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    Bellen said,

    I would love to question the person who would drive to someone else’s property to dump what could have been put curbside. I’ve tried to put myself in their position (were they embarrassed, ignorant, trying to be obnoxious, doing an experiment to see how long it would take to get rid of? I can’t. We have the same problem (doesn’t everyone) in my county – curbside pickup, 2 environmental (recycle/garbage) centers and a landfill – still some insist on dumping illegally. If they could be caught and prosecuted, they should pay a large fine, be responsible for removing their trash and do community service picking up trash that others have left along the way.

    Really enjoy your blog – interesting to see what others leave behind.

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