Plastic Trash in Radnor Lake

I’ve mentioned many times that Radnor Lake is my most favorite place in the world. We go there a lot to reconnect with nature and with God. We visited yesterday morning for our spiritual renewal.

After the heavy overnight rain, the lake was very refreshing. We saw a doe with her fawn grazing along the trail around the lake. Unfortunately on the roadside of the lake, my husband pointed out this sad sight, a plastic water bottle floating in the duckweed.

Not only is the plastic bottle detrimental to the life in the lake, eventually the plastic bottle will wash away to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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    Max said,

    Plastic bottles are a growing problem in our landfills and oceans. We felt that something needed to be done……and now.

    We knew that there wasn’t going to be one “fix it all” answer and began to wonder if anything was ever going to be done. The problem was growing every day, more bottles were being manufactured and more bottles were accumulating in places where we didn’t need them.

    We were wondering if “Earth Friendly Bottles” would ever be available?

    That’s why we decided to do our part and started ENSO Bottles. We are partnering with other companies to offer a PET plastic bottle that will biodegrade, compost or recycle.

    Our bottles can be produced in a clear or colored version, however, the clear version isn’t quite as clear as current PET plastic bottles but then again that’s one way to identify our earth friendly bottle.

    ENSO is trying to achieve sustainability with our plastic bottles. Our goal is to make bottles that won’t have the adverse impact on our environment and are made from non food bio-fuels.

    We haven’t started making them from bio-fuel but that’s high on our agenda and hopefully will be something we can offer in the future.

    But for now, we offer a plastic bottle that is earth friendly…it’s just one step but if we all take just one step toward improving our planet….we will make a difference.

    Now all we need is for a lot of beverage companies to start using earth friendly plastic bottles.

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    burty said,

    Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.

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