Drugs are Trash

I never worried about drug disposal, since I always took all the drugs prescribed for me. That was before the days, when doctors handed out prescriptions like candy on Halloween.

When I heard that alligators in the Everglades were being affected by the amount of birth control pills seeping into the water supply, I began to wonder about drugs in our environment.

If I receive a prescription that I can’t tolerate (which is usually the case), I put the pills into cat litter. Being as frugal as I am, I use used cat litter.

Recently I was involved in a drug disposal program that Metro Public Works plans to sponsor quarterly, since the program was so successful. One Saturday, folks could bring their unused prescription drugs and over the counter drugs to a Metro Recycling site, which was monitored by the police.

I’ve also learned that CVS will also take back drugs for proper disposal.

When I saw this pill bottle on the side of the road, I thought what a great blog post. I didn’t check, but I hope for safety sake, that this bottle was empty.

Here’s the White House policy for drug disposal. Notice that oxycontin should be flushed down the toilet! Now who would toss that drug? Surely not Rush Limbaugh! Or me!


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