Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of PlanetTrash: The Earth is Not a Trash Can. This image started the blog. When we spotted this overturned jaccuzi abandoned on the side of Newsom Station Road, something stirred us to fight the litter accumulating around our home.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my life had changed since this blog became a reality.

We will continue to fight litter and especially plastic litter.

Our (meaning you, everyone in the world and me) dilemma is handling the plastic trash that we use in our everyday life. Plastic is everywhere. We can’t live without it. Look around you and try to find something that isn’t made of plastic.

We can reduce the amount of unneeded plastic as cups, plates and flatware. What do we do with our computer and other electronic components, automobile parts, etc? From just home and office use, I’ve used at least a dozen computers in my life. How many are in landfills? Worse, how many are floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Everything we buy is enclosed in plastic or is put into a plastic bag. Why?

Refuse to take plastic. Reuse or recycle it if you do. If you can’t, put it into a trash can at the least.

Just don’t use Planet Earth as a trash can. Please!

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  1. 1

    Verda Vivo said,

    Happy Birthday and keep up the good work! I volunteer to do highway clean up and pick up trash wherever I go. I usually run or walk in the morning and have discovered “wildcat” dumps, complete with appliances as well as fast food wrappers, beer and alcohol bottles (along the road – tells you something), CD and DVDs, well you name it, I’ve seen it. I bring my own bags, recycle, and reuse to the extent I can. It is amazing how everything is packaged in plastic. It’s such a waste! ~ Daryl

  2. 2

    threadbeaur said,

    OH i just ready about the garbage patch floating out at sea. It was very distubing! Twice the size of Texas, yuck! Plastic is everywhere, and I am glad that people are starting to understand that we don’t need it on everything!

  3. 3

    planettrash said,

    Watch the Garbage Island movie on line. It explains it very well.

  4. 4

    polythenepam said,

    since starting my plastic boycot last year – see my blog – my bin needs empting every two months. I hate one use plastic becuase it is an abuse of this wonder product. Plastic can be used to make computers and hoovers and then at the end of its life recycled into toher products. However it should in my opinion only be used to make long life products and all plastic should be recycled by law.

  5. 5

    […] Fighting plastic wherever it is to be found is planet trash […]

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