Plastic Rings of Death

Years ago when the dangers of litter to wildlife became apparent, these plastic rings around cola and beer cans were the first item I remember being mentioned.

The plastic rings of death continue to be used by cola and beer manufacturers and tossed into the environment. When I bought bottled water, I added lots of these in the trash bags for the landfill.

I wonder how many plastic rings of death have made it to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

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    polythenepam said,

    Yuck. One use, supposedly disposable plastic products are a dirty, expensive,
    possibly carcinogenic, profligate use of the worlds resources. I hate them…so last year decided I would boycott it all – plastic packaging, bags, bottles and stupid free coat hangers that snap before you get home.

    So each month I veto a plastic/plastic packed product and substitute a better packaged, more sustainable, biodegradable sometimes, as needs must,
    home made options.

    Go to for details.

  2. 2

    tnemily said,

    We rarely buy things that have this type of packaging, but when I do, I make the effort to cut the rings up…don’t want to kill any wildlife. But there’s better ways of packaging that mess!

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