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More Illegal Signs

While walking recently, I saw these signs stacked in a driveway in a neighborhood close to mine. I cringed at the idea that these would be posted throughout the various subdivisions.

I’m not sure why these type of signs are becoming more and more prevalent. They are not legal to stick by the road unless the person who posts them owns the property..

I’ve heard that they are cheap to produce. Does anyone who post them ever receive any business? I don’t think that I would call a number I saw on a roadside sign for high speed internet, although I detest Comcast and think that they overcharge for their services.

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Fast Food is Everywhere and Going Nowhere

Fast food is disgusting. I never eat it any more and never will again. It tastes and smells bad. Plus fast food vendors create so much trash, which is tossed into the environment.

Fast food has individually packaged catsup packets. Or it it individual barbeque or honey mustard sauces.

Fast food has paper napkins, paper bags and wrappers. How many trees are sacrificed for fast food wrappings?

Do natural scavengers like possums and raccoons eat fast food? Probably, they eat garbage.

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Sports Trash Talk

I’ve found car flags from sports teams, when I’ve been walking or riding my bicycle. I’ve shown a small antenna University of Tennessee football helmet and a University of Kentucky Wildcat Paw car magnet on this blog. It’s no surprise that this Vanderbilt University plastic cup was lying on the side of the road this week. And I don’t think it came from their chemistry lab.

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Selling Jesus Via Trash

Nothing sells better in Nashville than Jesus. I venture to guess that even country music doesn’t come close. There are no rules when selling Jesus. These folks distributed their postcards illegally on the mailboxes in my neighborhood and stole their slogan from Nationwide:

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Great American Clean Up

PlanetTrash participated in another Great American Clean Up event yesterday. We sponsored two this year and will do more, earlier, next year. We fought ticks in the May events. Not fun.

PlanetTrash was scratched by one of the metal signs a brave volunteer rescued from floating away in the Harpeth River. We immediately drove to a local pharmacy and received a tetanus shot. Critters (even ourselves) can be harmed by the trash we fail to remove.

While our contribution to the GACU was modest, we are proud. Let’s try to reduce the amount of litter volunteers have to clean up next year. Don’t Litter.

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An Oldie, but Goodie…

This is one of the most interesting pieces of litter I have found in the past year. But I need an ottoman and a pillow for my back, too. Pair it with the plastic bag chair mentioned in the post below, and you have a living room set.

What motivates someone to dump a couch on the side of the road?

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Need a Chair and Have Lots of Plastic Bags

Go to Kitsch-U-Like and order this chair for your crib.

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