Fast Food is Everywhere and Going Nowhere

Fast food is disgusting. I never eat it any more and never will again. It tastes and smells bad. Plus fast food vendors create so much trash, which is tossed into the environment.

Fast food has individually packaged catsup packets. Or it it individual barbeque or honey mustard sauces.

Fast food has paper napkins, paper bags and wrappers. How many trees are sacrificed for fast food wrappings?

Do natural scavengers like possums and raccoons eat fast food? Probably, they eat garbage.


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    Jan Tan said,

    Will I agree with you dude I mean I dont know why people cut tress just to produce some fucking packages for the fastfood. I think we should save our tress for the sake that our mother eart is dying due to global warming……

    Thanks Dude fof making this blog…..

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