Trashed a Litterer Who Smokes

PlanetTrash was driving to work a few days ago and witnessed a smoker throwing a butt out the car window. Luckily I got the tag number and turned in the offender to TDOT. This is littering.

Cigarette butts take 7-10 years to disintegrate. I don’t want those chemicals in my water supply.


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  1. 1

    Stefanie said,

    Good for you! I didn’t know you could report someone for that. I can’t stand it when people do that…

  2. 2

    cathyives said,

    Litter is one of my pet peeve, and have started a blog, greenecoservices with subtitle, greenwalking. Will be getting a camera to also show litter. What is worse, is fast food containers, especially by 7-11’s. They don’t even offer recycle bins in front.

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