Photos from Trash Pick Up

Here is the pile of trash we collected yesterday. There is at least one tire, two car bumpers, towels, clothes, roofing shingles and similar debris from the spring storms in the area, signs, tons of bottles and cans. There were some gas tanks from cars, but these were very old and were embedded into the ground. For the dozen or so folks involved, we did a great job.

A find I found amusing was a polo shirt with a TA logo on it. This is an inside joke for my coworkers, who used to work on a TA magazine.

We spent about 2.5 hours picking up this trash along about 2 miles of roadway.

We’re proud that we are part of the Great American Clean Up and can’t wait to see the total statistics of trash collected for the country. We would be prouder if we didn’t have to collect trash dumped by our fellow homo sapiens.

Let’s don’t litter.


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    Neil Taft said,

    I thank you on two levels. I was not aware of The Great American Clean Up. We here in North Carolina have several river clean up campaigns and some highway sponsorship deals but I will be keeping an eye on this good cause. I also want to put a burr under your saddle. We are taking every opportunity we can find to change the idea that all this stuff you gathered will go to some inappropriately name LANDFILL. The truth of the matter is that it winds up in a TRASH DUMP.
    My grown son and I operate a web site that supplies recycling containers and education to keep a lot of this stuff from getting to the side of the highway in the first place. I appreciate you being willing to show up after the weather you all had and for writing about it since this is the way we will begin to make people aware.

    Thanks again, NEIL

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    planettrash said,

    Neil, I didn’t know about the Great American Clean Up until I started this blog. It’s nationwide every year from March 1-May 31.

    Yes, we need to keep this stuff out of landfills and trash dumps. Since “green” is “in” now, I hope someone figures out how to use our trash for power. It is being done in some communities.

    Keep up your good work.

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    […] Photos from Trash Pick Up В« The Earth Is Not a Trash Can Photos from Trash Pick Up. Sunday, May 4, 2008 В· Filed under Environment В· Tagged car bumpers, clothes, … […]

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