Great American Clean Up

We organized a Great American Clean Up event this morning and cleaned up Newsom Station Road in Nashville. Only a handful of folks turned out, after a night of thunderstorms, but we amassed quite a pile of trash.

I had planned to show some photos from the event, but my phone and my camera got wet in my backpack from a leak in my $20 Sigg Water Bottle. Both phone and camera stopped working. I’m trying to revive both. I’ve learned from this accident that if your cell phone or digital camera gets wet, turn it off and remove the battery immediately. Take apart as much as you can and put in a window sill to dry out. Don’t attempt to turn it back on at least for 24-hours. I tried turning mine back on immediately. We’ll see if the camera or phone works tomorrow.

Anyway, it was great today to be part of the Great American Clean Up!


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