Don’t ReUse a Priority Mail Box to Mail Anything!

The USPS has warned a good citizen that he is breaking federal law by re-using a USPS Priority Mail cardboard box in this Denver story. This is stupid.

I once had my mail held at the local post office during a vacation. When I returned, the postmaster handed me my mail in a small cardboard container. I left the cardboard container in the garage, and my cat used it for a bed. When she curled up, she fit perfectly in it. Was that misuse of federal property?

I’ve also reused stamps if they weren’t canceled. I’m in big trouble now.

Thanks for the link, Bill.


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    Lindsay said,

    Hey! I just blogged about this as well, insane right!

    check out my blog sometime

    Thanks 🙂

  2. 3

    JOhn said,

    I can believe it. Someone sent me a package recently and I received a due postage letter and when I arrived at the post office they charged me $2 additional because the sender flipped over a Priority box and they saw about a 1″ lenth of white showing…..Assholes….its the Government what do you expect!

  3. 4

    What the Hell Can I Eat? said,

    I’d say it was funny if it wasn’t so tragically moronic!

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  4. 5

    We used to do that all the time at the job I worked at. We would flip the boxes inside out and send them with the brown side out. The fact that the US Post office is discouraging recycling of their boxes says a lot about the state of the country.

    Dagny McKinley
    organic apparel

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    QuincyAnn said,

    There is a reason the USPS is saying this–though I do agree they are taking it too far in these cases.

    The problem is that HUGE numbers of people are stealing the NEW Priority Mail Packaging boxes from the USPS and using them to ship non-Priority. The Priority boxes are supposed to be paid for by shipping the Priority rate, but people are taking them for other uses, treating the USPS as if it is the nation’s source of free new cardboard. I order from eBay frequently, and if I don’t specifically request sellers not to use the new Priority boxes, there is about a 65% chance that the item will arrive with some form of new Priority cardboard used in the non-Priority shipment–a package sent to me using stolen new cardboard.

    I guess the USPS has little way of verifying whether a recycled Priority box has already made its way through one previous, legal Priority mailing.

    Too bad. I always encourage sellers to ship using recycled materials, but I didn’t know I’d have to ask them to avoid even the used Priority boxes. Thanks for the blog.

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    […] Don’t ReUse a Priority Mail Box to Mail Anything! April 20087 comments 3 […]

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    Appreciate you sharing, great article. Really Cool.

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