PlanetTrash Trashes at Music City Half Marathon

It’s impossible to participate in a road race with 32,000 people and not make a mess. I could have taken all my fluids with me, but I wanted to pack as few extra pounds as possible. Since it was raining before the start, I abandoned my orange plastic “rain wear,” designed for one time usage at football games, at the start where the announcers assured me that the plastic rain gear, which many runners were wearing, would be picked up and discarded.

Along the first mile, I saw lots of nice clothes tossed to the side of West End Avenue. I’m sure that the homeless in the area picked them up. At least, I hope they did.

Luckily at the Accelerade and water stations, paper cups were being used, but tons of plastic bottles from Daily’s and Accelerade were the sources of the liquids. I hope that Metro Nashville Public Works recycled all those plastic bottles for 32,000 runners and walkers. I tried to toss the cups into the trash cans, but I never made a hit.

This afternoon, we drove over the first mile of the course, and the trash was gone. Thanks, Nashville, for a great race. Tomorrow, I’ll become a conservationist again.

I didn’t like trashing the roads.


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