Graffito is Littering

If you see graffito on overpasses, train box containers, signs, brick walls or streets, this is considered littering because someone has defaced public property. During the Great American Clean Up, groups will be painting over many defaced spots.

Much of the graffito I’ve seen (not this to the left) show good artistic talent. I wish that the talent could be used to paint murals in unsightly areas of the city. The railroad overpass by the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere has nice murals painted on the columns. The murals depict some of the animals at the zoo. Thankfully, no one has tagged this artwork.


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    Blake said,

    In my little ol’ hometown of Osceola, IA we have about 50-60 coal trains a day go through, so we get to see plenty of the artwork on the side. Like you said, much of it is incredibly talented work, it’s just too bad they have to deface public or private property to do it.

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    npcmblog said,

    Littering Anyone Can Help Solve

    Don’t throw things out the car window. Don’t throw things on the ground. Don’t leave supplies in the woods when you hike. Don’t be lazy. Too many adults are not good examples, but that’s OK, they forget too. I try to remember too.

    The other day we put out the trash. I do that for my allowance. I guess these big winds came while I was sleeping blew all of my homework around the other yards. My parent and I picked up what we could find. I like that my school has community day but not for my class. We kids like to have fun outside. Have a community day that involves the whole school. You can have your own community day it is easy. Just pick a day.

    This is my cartoon

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    planettrash said,

    Thanks, Chris. I like your cartoon. I’m glad that you are responsible about littering. Have a community day and pick up litter as part of the Great American Clean Up. See for details.

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