Newsweek Asks: Who's the Greenest of Them All?

Then, you open to this unique Target ad. I’ve never seen Target advertise in Newsweek. Target is promoting its reuseable Retote (trademark) bag. According to the ad, tear off the Newsweek cover. Fold as instructed, stuff with Target plastic bags and fill out the return address. Seal and mail. Then you’ll receive your Retote (trademark) bag in the mail.

Due to the men’s and women’s Final Four tournaments this week, I haven’t read the magazine to discover who is the greenest of all–Barack, Hillary or McCain.

But speaking of plastic bags, I read this interesting article today on the internet….


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    Ampy said,

    If Target was really serious about “going green” they should accept bags for recycling IN THE STORES. In the Chicago area, at least, I know they don’t have bag recycling. Only Jewel does it. Target has this big campaign going, but it forces you to buy Newsweek in order to recycle the bags. Consumers need a long-term, day-to-day practical solution.

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