Great American Clean Up

While I’ll be participating in some Great American Clean Up roadside projects later, I’ve started two personal projects around the house.

Composting is the first project I started last month. I rarely use my garbage disposal now, as vegetable and fruit scraps are added to the composter I bought at cost through Metro Public Works. The compost isn’t “cooking” yet, but I spotted my first earthworms in it when I added some food stuffs yesterday. Dryer lint and dog hair can be added to the compost mix, too. We have plenty of lint and dog hair. I occasionally add toilet paper rolls, too. By composting, I use less electricity; I have less garbage, as tea and coffee grounds can be composted; and I reduce recycling toilet paper rolls.

My second project concerns the natural area behind our fence. Years ago, when we built a privacy fence around the backyard for the dog, we left a small hilly area with some cedar trees open. Over the years, we’ve piled tree and shrub clippings, Christmas trees and Halloween pumpkins there for the wildlife. Tonight, I started a small rock wall to attract salamanders, frogs, toads, lizards and snakes. There was a large rabbit out tonight, who lives in the area. I also found rollypollies (does anyone know what these really are?) and earthworms around the rocks.

Unfortunately, litter from Newsom Station Road washes down the hill to my natural area. Here’s some of the litter I cleaned up:


And here’s the beginnning of the rock wall:


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