What Do You Do When You See Someone Litter?

Or What Would Jesus Do?

Here’s a Quick Poll from NY1 News, who asked their readers what did they do when they saw someone littering in the subway. I believe strongly that the results would hold true for anyone in the U.S. walking on the street, riding the bus or driving in their cars.


Once I was walking with an employee of the Nashville Zoo, who saw someone throw their guest map to the ground. The employee picked it up, walked up to the person who littered and said, “Here you dropped this.” That was so cool to do to a litterer.


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    Jake Krohn said,

    I think about this often on my walk to and from work. I believe the “you dropped this” approach is as close to perfect as you can get, as it can be delivered in a non-confrontational tone and leaves the offender very little room to weasel their way out.

    I also think about a book that was read to me in elementary school. In it, litter returned to its owner and permanently affixed itself to them. That image of walking piles of trash affected my later view of mankind, no doubt.

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    What a great book! Every elementary school child should read it.

  3. 3

    Misanthropic Scott said,

    In an area as full of garbage as a city, typically just shake my head. However, if I’m on a trail through a clean area or in my canoe on a clean river and see something, I pick it up. I worry more about the pristine or nearly pristine areas. I guess I just don’t feel I can make much of a difference in the city.

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